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If you too like the drag of Graphite on Paper, can appreciate the flick of a well executed Brushstroke, and like I favour subjects of the Dark and the Monstrous, the Weird and the Wonderful, the Abominable, Diabolical, Fantastic, Dramatic, Adventurous, Ghastly, Nightmarish and Phantasmagorical!

…Or like myself, seek to devour all sources of the Technical, Practical, Methodical and Inspirational!

Then perhaps this blog is for you.

It is (I hope) to become a progressive ongoing account of my endeavours as a Freelance Illustrator specialising in mainly the Fantasy, Sci-Fi, and Horror art genres. As is always the case (except perhaps on Sundays) I will do my very best and veritably strain heart and nerve and sinew to write a faithful accounting of all my latest Discoveries, Resources, Technical Explorations and Inspirations, in addition of course to featuring regular posts of my current Creative Exploits and Works in Progress.


Saturday, 21 January 2012

The 2012 ‘Will to Organise’ Spark hits the Kindling, Custom Electric Guitars, and some nifty Airbrush Artwork!

This year I’ve decided that my main overriding resolution is going to be - To try and get MORE Organised!


- Cutting my working practices down to JUST what I actually really need to do to get the kind of high quality results I’m aiming for.

- Having only the equipment that I ACTUALLY REALLY USE around me, No unnecessary Clutter, I’m putting all the tools I rarely use into some accessible storage, and clearing out any definite junk.

- Archiving all my old artwork (This has been a long time coming!) Both on my computer and off. So I can find and refer to stuff I need much easier.

- Organising all my reference files, books, and resources better.

And, well, generally just trying to spot any waste and inefficiency really, so I can sort it out and try and make things work a little better.

Genius eh :) (cue fireworks!)

Anyhow, all that tedious tidying up business aside, while rooting through my archives the other day I found a few photos of some Airbrush Art I did some years ago and thought they would be something a bit different to post up here. Included are a couple of Custom Guitars I did for a local music store, and a larger interior piece created for some of my friends at a Skatepark in Dewsbury…

P.S website updates coming soon!

"Be regular and orderly in your life that you may be violent and original in your work."
- Clive Barker

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