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Friday, 24 September 2010

Colour Psychology

I've been thinking a lot about my colour selections lately, in particular about what colours could be chosen to complement and enhance elements in a painting where a certain pictorial narrative or overall 'mood' is the aim.

To this end I've been trying to formulate a loose personal guide/system to base my own colour judgements around. As a means to finding a possible solution I decided to research Colour Psychology on the net. Certain colours are said to have certain common associations (Blue = melancholy, Green = Nature, envy etc etc). Although these associations are entirely subjective and often substantially vary according to nationality, there do seem to be some pretty consistently reccuring notions, which I think should definitely be capitalised on by the artist (as they offer a common reasonably accepted basis for making contextual colour = mood/emotion/theme judgements).

Here are a few Colour Psychology tables I found scattered about the internet which demonstrate various colour associations...

Link -

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