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If you too like the drag of Graphite on Paper, can appreciate the flick of a well executed Brushstroke, and like I favour subjects of the Dark and the Monstrous, the Weird and the Wonderful, the Abominable, Diabolical, Fantastic, Dramatic, Adventurous, Ghastly, Nightmarish and Phantasmagorical!

…Or like myself, seek to devour all sources of the Technical, Practical, Methodical and Inspirational!

Then perhaps this blog is for you.

It is (I hope) to become a progressive ongoing account of my endeavours as a Freelance Illustrator specialising in mainly the Fantasy, Sci-Fi, and Horror art genres. As is always the case (except perhaps on Sundays) I will do my very best and veritably strain heart and nerve and sinew to write a faithful accounting of all my latest Discoveries, Resources, Technical Explorations and Inspirations, in addition of course to featuring regular posts of my current Creative Exploits and Works in Progress.


Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Tea-Break Sketches - 3

More tea-break pen sketching practice from the latter half of last week - I think the Shark Dog is probably my favourite idea on the sheet, the Spooky 4 thumbed Pupa's not bad too. The 'Darn I just broke a nail and now I need the bathroom warrior demon' however... is pretty terrible. I might assimilate it's spikey knife'esque' tail silhouette into a future project though.

More soon! : )

"Most of the yield from research efforts comes from the coal that is mined while looking for diamonds."
- Paul D. Boyer, American biochemist (1918-)

Thursday, 20 January 2011

Tea-Break Sketches - 2

Behold! Yet more examples of tea ingested quick pen sketching madness. I am particularly fond of the scuttling eye, the goopy gangsta, and the venting column of evil :) - More soon.

"Do not fail, as you go on, to draw something every day, for no matter how little it is, it will be well worth while, and it will do you a world of good."
- Cennino Cennini (1370 – 1440)

Wednesday, 19 January 2011


Woke up this morning and checked out the portfolio piece I posted up yesterday. The foreground characters lack of hair was bugging me, and the lack of detail on the armour, so I've made a few amendments.

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Havrok da Smasha

Portfolio piece I completed today. Been really trying to work on my shadows lately, and relax a little more when blocking the mass colour, to be bolder, and more definite. I feel like my shadows are starting to work better now - as they seem to getting more depth and interest, I think I'll try experimenting dropping the reflected light out into total darkness in a future piece (while still retaining some transparency/reflected light in areas here and there) to punch out the silhouettes and simplify elements which I think have enough interest to carry on their own, so I can see how that works out and compare the results.
Overall though reasonably pleased with progress on this piece. Right - onto the next!...

"Keep a bad drawing until by study you have found out why it is bad."
- Robert Henri (1865 – 1929)

Monday, 17 January 2011

(New) Tea-Break Sketches (A.K.A - The Good, the bad and the Ugly!)

I remember once reading a quote somewhere whilst studying at art college (I can't seem to find the source), It went something like... "Draw regularly with the pen - It will make you a master". It might have been by Durer. Anyhow - I remember being quite struck by this statement, and seeing the merit in it. My thinking prior to being exposed to this quote went… I don't like Pen - Pen is permanent - It makes indelible marks - that is scary - I will most likely screw up somewhere and I won't be able to rub out any of my mistakes - I don't like Pen.
So that quote ultimately confronted me with my own artistic cowardice. I guess sometimes you don’t see the walls you’ve put up to protect your pride/self respect until you are forced to go right up to them. This quote did that. So I have since then onward tried to fearlessly make it a point to draw with pen regularly regardless of whatever mess I happen produce and Dare to Fail!

I'm afraid I've neglected this reasoning a little of late though. And have crept back to my comfort zone drawing predominately in pencil - pencil is versatile, it can be experimental (as its erasable) and so it is very practical when it comes to my work (which is fine). However, I think when it comes to Quick Sketching pen is just Great! It forces you to think on the spot, be decisive, and commit - It's all or nothing! Who dares wins! You either nail it or you don't, and so ultimately I think it is an Extremely good way to practice. So! In the spirit of instilling the above into a regular daily habit I shall be introducing to my humble blog... Ta da-da ta-ta da darrr!

Tea-Break Sketches.

Tea break sketches are to be very quick sketches done in pen while I drink my cup of tea on a break. I'll be posting them up here per A3 Sheet as they accumulate. I'm not going to commit to a daily slot though, as with the 'Sketches of the week' (which I will continue) I've found life often has a habit of getting in the way of the best laid plans, and I don't want to put myself on a downer if I happen to miss a slot : )

Already I'm realising exciting new things like - Jeez! Do I really drink 7 cups of tea a day!

Anyhow hope you enjoy my new slot. Please feel free to comment, constructively criticise, offer up any tea break drawing suggestions, ideas etc. ‘Owt to keep me on my toes!’

P.S I think I’m going to start adding the odd inspirational quote to the bottom of my posts here and there when I happen across ones that I like in the future too...

"It's the most exciting thing in the world, if you can just absolutely let go."

- Jeffrey Jones, Artist (1944 – Present)

Monday, 10 January 2011

The Necronomicon Horror - iphone/ipod touch CCG Game

I had the privilege of producing some card artwork for Lucidsphere Media last year for their recently released great new iphone/ipod touch game app - The Necronomicon Horror. The game has an exciting CCG format and is set deep within HP Lovecraft's Cthulhu mythos. For more information check out the Lucidphere website at - link

"The Necronomicon Horror is a single-player game of arcane horror and mystery, created by Dustin Neff. Players take on the roles of investigators in an attempt to thwart the evil machinations of a sinister cult who have stolen the Necronomicon from Miskatonic Universities library, and have used it to open the gateway to another dimension--threatening the entire world."

"The Necronomicon Horror combines the quick, addictive pace of fantasy card games, combined with the strategy of table-top role-playing games. You can win achievements in the game to unlock new bonus content, and there will be support for downloadable expansions in the future."