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If you too like the drag of Graphite on Paper, can appreciate the flick of a well executed Brushstroke, and like I favour subjects of the Dark and the Monstrous, the Weird and the Wonderful, the Abominable, Diabolical, Fantastic, Dramatic, Adventurous, Ghastly, Nightmarish and Phantasmagorical!

…Or like myself, seek to devour all sources of the Technical, Practical, Methodical and Inspirational!

Then perhaps this blog is for you.

It is (I hope) to become a progressive ongoing account of my endeavours as a Freelance Illustrator specialising in mainly the Fantasy, Sci-Fi, and Horror art genres. As is always the case (except perhaps on Sundays) I will do my very best and veritably strain heart and nerve and sinew to write a faithful accounting of all my latest Discoveries, Resources, Technical Explorations and Inspirations, in addition of course to featuring regular posts of my current Creative Exploits and Works in Progress.


Monday, 29 March 2010

Sketch(es) of the week - 2

This weeks personal sketchbooking efforts...

1. Don't ask. Had this mad idea for a sinister fisherman character that comes out of the sea mist in times of need and beats up the baddies with an undead pike tied to a bit of rope.

2. Read the short story "The Coming of the White Worm" By Clark Ashton Smith this week, this was an image that came to mind afterwards.

3. A page of random loose scribbles, including a couple of cheeseball horror cover ideas I was thinking of perhaps working up sometime as painted portfolio pieces.

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